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Videos: Briard Care

We have curated some publicly available videos that can help dog owners, caretakers, and rescuers.* 

Videos by Elise McMahon

The The BRT thanks Elise for her dedication and permission to display these videos. You can find additional information about Elise and Tintagel Briards on the Tintagel Briards website.

Videos by Gav Haussmann

The BRT extends its appreciation to Gav as well for making these resources available to our community. You can learn more about Gav and his work on the Aubrey Briards website.

*Important Disclaimer: Briard Rescue Trust (BRT) creates content and also curates content created by others.  All content and resources created by us–including this website–are the property and copyright of BRT.  However, all content and resources created by others are the property and copyright of the respective owners, even if the BRT is hosting, referencing, or linking to that content on our website.  This is called “third-party content” and BRT references and / or displays it under “fair use” for non-profit and educational purposes.  BRT displays all content as a free service “as is” and BRT is not responsible for the accuracy of any content or its applicability to any situation or set of circumstances.  We always recommend that users and visitors perform their own due diligence by consulting with additional resources, a professional veterinarian, and / or other certified animal care professional before making an informed decision or implementing any instruction or procedure. 

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