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Happy "J" Tales

This is Where We Talk About Happy Endings

When we get a call, it is because there is a Briard at risk.  There are lots of circumstances that can occur to cause a cherished pet to become homeless, ownerless, unwanted, or neglected. To us, it doesn’t matter how they got to that place.  That is just their “point A.”


“Point B” a fresh start for these magnificent animals.  It is our job to help support the journey of each and every dog possible from “point A” to their “point B.”


This page is dedicated to telling some of those stories.  But first a word about the Briard Community that makes everything possible.

Dedicated People in the Field

In between point A and point B are a group of dedicated volunteers–members of the greater community of Briard lovers–who selflessly dedicate their time and resources to the cause. People like Debbie Morrow who willing sacrifice, doing good works for decades behind the scenes.  We encourage and fund their good works whenever possible.  Without them, The Briard Rescue Trust is powerless.


Read more about Debbie Morrow and her selfless efforts on our “Profiles in Commitment” page.


Welcome Abord Briard Air!

“Thank you for joining us today on Briard Air.  The Captain has informed me that we will be taking off shortly, so please make sure that your leashes are attached firmly to your collars and that your travel crates are in the closed and locked position.  Once we have reached cruising altitude, we will be serving a light snack of kibble and, as always, this is a non-barking flight ….”


OK, most of our dog rescues do not include a helicopter.  But this lucky pup got a first-class ride to a new home and his own happy ending.

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