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Rescue Funding Programs

If you think that you have a Briard that needs help, go immediately to our Get Help Now page for information. 


Funding for Rescuers

It is our mission to ensure that all Briards faced with adversity get the help they need and deserve. One of our three founding goals is to offer financial assistance to the dedicated and altruistic people and organizations that are involved in the rescue efforts of Briards in need. These individuals and organizations face numerous daunting and emotional challenges and they are the last ray of hope for our beloved Briards. Through our two funding programs, it is our hope that we can ease at least one of those challenges for anyone involved in helping a Briard that has come upon tough times.

Funding Programs

The trust provides financial assistance through two separate programs.

  1. Financial Assistance Program – This is a funding assistance program designed to provide financial assistance to individuals and organizations that wish to be reimbursed for the needs of a specific dog. For information on this program, see our Financial Assistance Program Application.

  2. Grant Program – Our Grant Program is intended to streamline the funding process for organizations that are involved in numerous Briard rescues where the Financial Assistance program may become cumbersome. Organizations utilizing this program cannot apply for assistance through the Financial Assistance Program in the same 12 month period. Only one grant per year will be given. For information on this program see our BRT Grant Application Revised Jan. 2020.


The Trust has established the following guidelines to protect the dog, the people involved in the rescue effort, the owners and the breeders.

  • Make every effort possible to locate the owner and/or breeder of each dog and return the dog to the owner or breeder, except if to do so would jeopardize the welfare of the dog.

  • Maintain confidentiality and respect the rights of owners, breeders, foster homes and adopters.

  • Carefully screen and educate all individuals who are interested in adopting a dog to ensure an appropriate home.

  • Agree to take the rescue dog back at any time during the life of the dog. If you can not commit to this, ensure that someone else has taken on that responsibility.

  • Maintain appropriate records and receipts.

  • Use good judgment and act responsibly in placing any Briard that has behavior or health issues.

  • Have all dogs spayed or neutered before placement. Except when the dog is returned to the owner or breeder.

  • Have all dogs micro chipped prior to final placement.

  • Know and abide by applicable local and state laws.


All Financial Assistance reimbursements and Grants must be approved by a majority vote of the Trustees.

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