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Profiles in Commitment

Debbie Morrow – The Briard Rescue & Haven

The BRIARD RESCUE and HAVEN was established by Debbie Morrow in 2003 to provide a safe place for Briard dogs, and the occasional Briard wannabee, during their time of transition. It is a place for rehabilitation and care of Briards who find themselves without a home, for any reason.  No Briard will be turned away.  The Haven is a privately run facility, funded by private donations, Ebay auctions, adoption fees, and bequests.

Debbie brings many years of experience, extensive knowledge, numerous resources, and an extensive network of volunteers to the Briard Rescue Community. She got her first Briard in 1986 and her first rescue Briard in 1987.  She joined the BCA in 1988 and by 1991 was very active in Briard Rescue. She is very involved in her local community with everything animal related: as the Local Animal Control Officer, Local Shelter Manager, running spay/neuter clinics, and provides local grooming services.  She is connected to all-breed rescue people all over the country and can intervene in a timely way.  Don’t be surprised at getting a call for assistance in your area.  She uses the Zip Code lottery as a resource.  In addition, there is no resident veterinarian in Ajo due to the remoteness of her community.  So Debbie has arranged for a vet to fly in, in his own plane, on a regular schedule to deliver those services.  That is dedication!

Her selfless and tireless efforts are a credit to us all and the Briard Community is very fortunate to have her on our team.  The trustees of BRT honor her for her work.

Additional information about Debbie and The Briard Rescue and Haven, including contact information, can be found at her website.

Cindy Hagan – Black Dog & Company Rescue

For Cindy and her network of foster families and volunteers, “black” is not a color. 


“Black dog syndrome” is a term that is well known in rescue circles. These “black dogs” are the ones that are the hardest to place into permanent homes. They are the first to be sent to shelters and the last to leave … and, for them, leaving a shelter often means an untimely demise, placing them at the greatest risk.

These are just the kinds of challenges that people like Cindy are drawn to. Black Dogs & Company Rescue accepts challenging dogs from shelters in Maryland and surrounding states. Relying on foster families, they are an all-breed rescue specializing in “black dogs” and are the regional contact for the rescue of Old English Sheep Dogs. Last year alone (2014) they saved 71 dogs!

In 2013 they rescued their first Briard and contacted the BRT and the Briard Rescue and Haven for support. During this rescue effort we came to know and respect Cindy and her group and they agreed to be a resource for Briards as well.

Old English, like Briards, are not for everyone and rescued Briards often need specialized training and reprogramming to be safely placed in their new home. It is important that the Rescuer have special skills in preparing the dogs for their new home and their new owner. Cindy and her group have the experience and skills needed to help with these special needs dogs.

Based in Darlington, Maryland, Black Dogs and Company Rescue is a 501(c)3 rescue organization. You can get more information about Cindy and Black Dog & Company, including contact information, at their website.

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